Archived Events in the Engelhardt Lab and Gene Therapy Center



Fred Oakley successfully passes his Ph.D. thesis



Researchers in the Engelhardt Lab investigating the basic biology of cell signaling have made a discovery that may have therapeutic implications for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative diseases. (Read press releases: UI News Service; Big News; US News and World Report;

Members of the Engelhardt lab spent a warm summer afternoon participating in a friendly (yet very competitive!) frisbee golf tournament between the Davidson, McCaffrey, McCray, Zabner and Welsh Labs (pictures)

The University of Iowa Research Foundation is issued a patent entitled "Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors and Uses Thereof"exclusively licensed to Targeted Genetics.(Read press release)

Nick Keiser receives ASGT Travel Award

Jennifer Marden successfully passes her Ph.D. thesis (Party to Congratulate Jennifer and say Farewell to Chenhong Guo)

Elab "Redoxers" Take to the Soccer Field



Liang (Neal) Zhang successfully passes his Ph.D. thesis

Ryan Driskell successfully passes his Ph.D. thesis

Engelhardt Lab bids farewell and best wishes to members

Maged Harraz successfully passes his Ph.D. thesis

Newly issued Targeted Genetics patent enables more effective delivery of recombinant AAV vectors
A novel approach is discovered for improving the efficiency with which adno-associated viral (AAV) vectors deliver genes to target cells (Read press release)

Engelhardt Named Head Of Anatomy And Cell Biology (Read press release) (see University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Announcement)



Liang Zhang chosen for American Society of Gene Therapy "Excellence in Research Award"

Engelhardt Receives NIH MERIT Funding for Lung Stem Cell Study
(Read press release)

Ryan Driskell Receives Travel Award During the Annual Molecular Biology Retreat

Rana Dajani successfully passes her Ph.D. defense

New patent issued to the University of Iowa covers Targeted Genetics' approach to increase carrying capacity of AAV vectors
The patent covers the use of two AAV vectors to deliver DNA sequences that, once inside a cell, are used to produce or regulate a single protein. (Read press release)



Engelhardt and Fan Identify Damaging Mechanism in Transplants and Heart Attacks
A University of Iowa study suggests that inhibiting a certain protein involved in inflammation might be of therapeutic benefit in organ transplantation, heart attacks, and possibly stroke. (full story...)

Engelhardt Named Roy J. Carver Chair Of Molecular Medicine
Read the press release

John Engelhardt Named Interim Head Of Anatomy And Cell Biology
Read the press release



Intronn Awarded NIH Research Grant for SMaRT™ in Cystic Fibrosis
$500,000 Small Business Research Grant to fund collaborative venture between Intronn Inc. and Engelhardt Laboratory

Qiang Li successfully passes his Ph.D. defense

Dongsheng Duan and Ping celebrate their new lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia